Notice From Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the State of Kuwait

As per the Circular No. 2020/88 from the Directorate General’s Office notice regarding all airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport, must adhere to the following instructions:

“Subsequent and further to Circular No. (87/2020) dated (01/08/2020), and Based on the Decision of the Health Authority in State of Kuwait, Non-Kuwaiti passengers of all other Nationalities arriving from the down listed Countries are not allowed to enter the State of Kuwait, whether they are coming directly from those Countries ¬†listed below or via transit Through other Countries not mentioned below within the list, Unless they have settled in those unlisted Countries for a period of 14 days at least, after the 14 days they must conduct a (PCR) test for (COVID-19) virus and provide an approved certificate proving a negative result and not being affected with (COVID-19) virus. Validity of such certificate, should not exceed (72) hours between the test date and Arriving date of Kuwait.

List of Countries

(India-Iran-China-Brazil-Colombia-Armenia-Bangladesh-Philippines-Syria-Spain-Singapore-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sri Lanka-Nepal-Iraq-Mexico-Indonesia-Chile-Pakistan-Egypt-Lebanon-Hong Kong-Italy-North Macedonia-Moldova-Panama-Peru-Serbia-Montenegro-Dominican Republic-Kosovo).

This circular is valid from its issuance date until further notice.”